Fighting for fitness!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

I am an 20 year old [health-science] student currently trying to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle while training for a bikini competition. Ex vegan. The four staples to my life are as follows: fitness, food, family, and friends.

Follow along as I tumble my passions for health, exercise, and enjoying life one day at a time!

07/31/11: SF Half Marathon (1:57)
01/27/12: TInkerbell Disneyland Half (1:57)
07/29/12: SF Half Marathon
10/14/12: NW(1/2)M (2:06)
09/22/12: Tough Mudder (4:00~)

I no longer get as excited when buying nut butters for the actual nut butter itself. Instead, I’m anticipating my breakfast once the jar is done with.

1/2 C Oats, 2 spoonfuls of pumpkins, 1 egg+2 whites, cinnamon, and notes of peanut butter.

Majestic way to start my monday.

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